Hiniker Snow Plows

Hiniker Snow Plows

The Hiniker snow plow wouldn't be something you buy just to shovel your driveway. This is a serious machine built to be used to do large driveways, large parking lots and large areas. Hiniker builds them to be used daily and still want more. The rugged construction is made to deal with just about anything you can throw at it. This plow clears huge amount of snow and ice with ease.

The features on the Hiniker justify the cost. The cost from $3600 to $3900 it is well worth the cost to some one with a large snow removal company or many large properties. Some of the features include: Robotic blade, external pump, headlights, hydraulic scissors and more.

The robotic blade allows you to adjust side to side and up and down from inside the vehicle. This function allows you to move the snow or ice just about any way you want it. The joystick that controls these functions can be held in the palm of your hand and controlled like a video game. The frames welds to the blade make it incredibly strong to handle the huge volume of snow and ice it can move. The blade is 7 1/2 to 8 feet long depending on which model you buy. A curved blade and snow deflector ensures you have control over where the snow is moving. The length of the blade and the volume it can hold will allow you to clear a two-lane driveway in two passes.

Installing the Hiniker snow plow is not something a novice should tackle. It is suggested that you have it professionally installed. But once installed it is an easy on and off function. To attached the plow to your vehicle you simply drive truck forks into plow receiver, pull lever to lock plow to truck & raise stand and Plug in connections & you're ready to roll! When you're done for the day or done for the season find a place you want to store the shovel and reverse the process.

The Hinker plow uses box section frames and heavily reinforced moldboards for strength and durability. Another great feature is the externally mounted pump, which simplifies installation. The pump is attached to the plow itself so it stays with the plow rather than having to mount on your truck. Hydraulic scissor lift reduces bounce during travel and gets rid of a need for chains. Installed the unit is much less noticeable than with other brands.

When looking for an easy to use, easy to install and professional grade model snow plow you need to look closely at all the features of the Hiniker Snow Plows.