Snow Bear Snow Plows

Snow Bear Flexblade Snow Plows

Snow Bear hit the market with a patented Flexblade Technology that made damaging surfaces a thing of the past. The flexible design allows it to glide over the surface without damaging like snow plows of the past. The light weight, high-density polymer molded blade and tubular steel frame makes this product a powerful snow removal system. You get all of this while remaining flexible enough to endure stationary objects while plowing.

This plow is a mid range priced unit costing around $1600 depending on accessories. The added cost comes from a higher level of quality, adjustable up and down settings with remote or mountable controls and you can angle it to allow you to plow just about anywhere. Snow Bear Flexblade is a good investment for property owners' such as people owning small shopping centers, apartment complexes and business with a medium sized lot. This is also a great system for people considering starting a new snow removal company.

This system has many great features for the cost. The Flexblade design takes the stress out of damaging surfaces or the plow itself. Unless, you know the area that your plowing you can never be sure that something isn't sticking up waiting to damage your plow. But with the flexblade design you get the extra insurance that you will not damage the object or your plow. That's not to say if you try to plow up a median that something won't break but it does give you a the flexabilty to back up out of it with out the damage.

The remote control feature allows you to move the blade up and down. Example: You set you vehicle in the area to be plowed. You can get out of your truck, set the blade height with the remote and get in the truck and start plowing. It gives you the freedom to looking directly at the surface and the blade so you know where you're sitting.

If your considering doing your own plowing or starting a small business this plow is the one for you. The initial cost is somewhat low, the quality will allow you to use it for many years and it will pay for itself in no time. You can mount the Snow Bear Flexblade to most any truck or SUV. You do not have to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Purchase the kit that is specifically designed to work on your vehicle, install the hardware and your ready to go. By: Jon Tuckwood